Management Syndicates Management Syndicates

Management Syndicates are for investors in existing projects.  Perhaps your project has got into difficulties and you are at risk of losing part or all of your investment.  Is the developer behind schedule or being uncooperative?  Do you need help in organising a management committee or in dealing with disputes?

All syndicates are controlled by their members and day-to-day management is carried out by appointed individuals.  These may be investors in the project, other members who have particular skills or ICP staff.


Syndicate Lifecycle

Initiation Stage

An enquiry or suggestion is submitted to ICP.  We will advise whether or not the project appears viable and what further information should be provided.  Viability will normally be determined based on the potential for recovery and the likelihood of costs being covered.

Proposal Stage

We draft a proposal which will suggest how the project should proceed and we invite investors to join the syndicate.  There are no charges for syndicate membership.


Development Stage

A secure web site and an online forum, accessible to verified investors only, is provided.   Members discuss and agree a strategy for the recovery.  All decisions are made democratically. Any necessary agreements are drawn up and executed.

Implementation Stage

The strategy for recovery will be implemented, This may include a number of elements including, for example:

  • Negotiations with a developer
  • Legal Action
  • Acquisition of Companies or Assets
  • Transfer of investments to other projects
  • Collaboration with other projects / syndicates
  • Completion of the project

Where new business opportunities emerge, typically where additional funds are required, a separate Investment Syndicate will be initiated.

Realisation Stage

During this stage, the investors will realise their returns, whether in the form of a finished property, a capital return or ongoing income.  A project which is at this stage should be producing results for the participants.


The project is reviewed so that any lessons learned are captured for future benefit, outstanding matters are concluded, agreements terminated and the project is closed.

Joining a Syndicate

When you apply to join a syndicate, you will initially be enrolled as a ‘guest'.  This will allow you to view project information and take part in member discussions before making a decision to confirm your participation.